Horse boarding

My love for animals and my extensive experience with horses, which I have been riding since I was a child, led me to create ‘accommodations’ for them where they can enjoy both nature and each other’s company, as well as mine and my family’s. We can say that they live with us!

Our estate also serves as a boarding facility where we host elderly horses, those at the end of their careers, or those whose owners can no longer care for them. I personally handle the management of our horses and those in our care. We provide them with moments in spacious paddocks or a leisurely walk in the round pen, warm meals in winter and cool ones in summer administered regularly, fresh hay, and different cereals every year, according to the production of our fields. The horses stay in large stalls with windows, allowing them to bask in the warmth of the sun’s rays or seek shade on hotter days.

Their well-being and health are always safeguarded and prioritized.

The horses we host should not have a need to be ridden, and their owners can come to visit them by appointment.

The costs of boarding include feed, hay, and a stall.

Veterinary expenses, farrier fees, and medications are considered additional costs.

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